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I am an Assistant Professor in Economics of the Department of Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science at the  UBC Okanagan Campus.

My fields of interest are Macroeconometrics, Monetary Economics, Financial Economics, and Econometrics. I also have research experience in Time Series Analysis and Index Number Theory. The tools I use to conduct empirical researches include Structural Vector Autoregressions (SVARs), Markov Regime-Switching (MRS) model, and other time series analysis models.


On the Markov Switching Welfare Cost of Inflation,” with Apostolos Serletis.

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming.

Oil Price Shocks and the Credit Default Swap Market,” with Apostolos Serletis.

Open Economies Review 29 (2018), 283-293.

Contestability in the Digital Music Player Market,” with Kam Yu.

Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 19 (2019), 293-311.


Professor Apostolos Serletis


SS 438, University of Calgary

+1 (403) 220-4092

Professor Atsuko Tanaka

(Committee Member)

SS 432, University of Calgary

+1 (403) 220-6709

Professor Daniel Gordon

(Committee Member)

SS 334, University of Calgary

+1 (403) 220-5080

Professor Stefan Staubli

(Placement Director)

SS 408, University of Calgary

+1 (403) 220-6180

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